EL18XP Heat Pump

Product Information

When you’re looking for a new heat pump, one of the most important features you’re probably looking for is energy efficiency. Well, the EL18XP has efficiency covered. The EL18XP is the first variable speed heat pump of its kind. When paired with a smart iComfort s30 thermostat and an iComfort-ready furnace or air handler, it is the digital bridge between comfort and environmental responsibility while potentially decreasing your utility bills. Control your comfort by controlling your temperature and humidity without ever leaving your comfy chair***.

  • Up to 18.0 SEER and 10.0 HSPF for high efficiency that helps you save on cooling expenses
  • ENERGY STAR qualified so you can be certain the EL18XP has met energy efficiency requirements
  • Fully digital, pro-active and responsive alerting you to maintenance needs
  • Dual-fuel capability makes it possible to combine with a gas furnace for optimized comfort and energy use
  • 10-Year Limited Warranty on covered components including compressor

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