We all have a personal idea of what comfortable is when it comes to temperature, and when one person gets hot it’s inevitable that another will get cold. So why not make everyone happy? Even minivans have zoning these days, the driver and passenger can control their own air flow and the kids are happy in the back with their own controls. Surely your home, which is so much larger, should also have zoning. With a zoning system from Lennox, you can personalize different room temperatures so that everyone is in their comfort zone.

Whether your home has large windows or constantly has a top floor that is warmer than the lower floors, a temperature zoning system is the answer and will help fix all your comfort needs.

Here are a few other examples where a temperature zoning system might be perfect:

  • House level that’s completely or partially underground
  • Rooms you rarely use
  • Muggy rooms
  • A room that was added since your heating and cooling system was put in
  • High heating and cooling costs

Zoning systems can seem a little overwhelming and we understand that, so if you need to ask any questions, let us know. The pros at David White Services in Athens or Lancaster are here for you, so give us a call at 740-594-8381 or 740-654-4328 or schedule an appointment with our online scheduler to find out more.