Your boiler may stop functioning correctly, and when this happens, there can be a couple of reasons why. Some of these issues you can fix yourself while others need the attention of a professional.

1. Your Boiler Stops Working

If your boiler stops working, the first thing to check is that its circuit breaker hasn’t been switched. You should next check the pressure gauge on the boiler. This should never drop below 1. If it has, you need to top up the boiler. If you don’t notice these issues with your boiler, it is time to call for professional help.

2. It’s Cutting Out

If it keeps switching off, check the pressure gauge. You can also bleed the radiator in case there is trapped air. Beyond this, a professional will need to inspect the boiler and provide their diagnosis. In the worst case, the pump is broken and needs replacing.

3. It Fails to Heat Water

There are times a boiler will heat a home but not water. Make sure the water temperature isn’t set too low first. Beyond this, there is a faulty part inside the boiler that a qualified technician will need to fix.

4. It Won’t Heat Your Home

If it is heating water but not your central heating, check the thermostat. Some boilers won’t turn on if the temperature is set below 68 degrees. If this doesn’t solve the issue, you will likely have a broken motorized diverter valve.

5. It’s Too Noisy

A loud boiler may indicate a condition known as boiler kettling. You can bleed the radiators to fix this. If it makes a gurgling sound, you likely have a frozen pipe. You should locate the problem and insulate the pipe to prevent further issues.

Who to Contact With Heating Problems

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