AC Dangers: What You Should Never Do

Tuesday, September 24th, 2019

If your air conditioner isn’t working properly, you may be considering trying to fix the issue yourself. However, there are many different reasons why this isn’t a good idea. Here are a few AC dangers you should never attempt to do.

Don’t Risk Electrocuting Yourself

Even if you turn off the power to the air conditioner, there is no guarantee that there isn’t electricity still running through the device. It is also possible that you’ll encounter a ...
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How Your Roof Can Affect Your HVAC System

Saturday, September 14th, 2019

Although many people don’t associate their roof with their HVAC system, the two features are closely related. There are many ways that the materials installed on the roof and the design of the feature can influence how hard the HVAC system needs to operate throughout the year. Here are a few of the top ways that your roof impacts your heating and cooling system.

1. Insulation

The quality and the amount of insulation that is installed in ...
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The Best Way to Cool Older Homes

Monday, August 19th, 2019

If you have an older home, then you know that it’s tough to keep the interior temperatures comfortable. Architectural differences between older and newer homes make it a challenge to efficiently cool an old house. The good news is that you can enjoy the beauty and history of owning an old home without paying a fortune to keep it cool. Here are a few tips.

Embrace Non-Traditional Cooling Systems

In modern homes, the ductwork is typically ...
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August HVAC Maintenance Tips

Tuesday, August 6th, 2019

August is the last month of summer weather in Athens, and along with the change of seasons comes the end of summer HVAC maintenance. At David White Services, we know just how important routine maintenance is for the health of your AC. With a little TLC, you can increase your HVAC’s lifespan, reliability, and energy efficiency.

Take a look at these HVAC maintenance tips to ensure that your system is ready for fall.

Change Your Air ...
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Why It’s Important to Have Emergency AC Service

Wednesday, July 10th, 2019

The summer months in Athens may be unbearable without the air conditioner running on full blast. If it were to stop working for any reason, it could cause significant health issues for humans and pets alike. Therefore, it is critical that you know where to turn for emergency service.

Homes Can Get Hot Quickly

During times of extreme heat and humidity, your home can become extremely hot and moist in a matter of minutes. At David White ...
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Ways to Save Money on Your Cooling Bills

Monday, July 1st, 2019

It’s almost impossible to get through the warmer months of the year without relying on your AC system to keep the interior of your home cool and comfortable. Unfortunately, this normally leads to increased energy bills because the system is continuously running during the day and night. Here are a few ways to save money on your cooling bills this summer.

Change the Air Filter Regularly

A dirty air filter means that the AC system will have ...
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Minimizing Air Pollution in Your Home

Wednesday, June 26th, 2019

At David White Services, we understand the dangers that indoor air pollution in an Athens, OH, home can cause. Indoor air pollutants can build up, especially in the winter when windows and doors tend to stay closed. Particulates, volatile organic compounds, and bacteria can make asthma worse or spread illness throughout your home. Taking a few steps to keep your air clean can improve the health of your home and those who live in it. ...
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Does Your Home Have Hot or Cold Rooms?

Saturday, June 1st, 2019

Having rooms at different temperatures despite being in the same zone at the same thermostat setting is actually a common issue. There are a lot of different reasons why it can occur. It can be a self-inflicted problem, or it can be caused by equipment that is faltering or improper. Fortunately, a skilled heating or cooling repair technician can usually diagnose and correct the issue, no matter the cause.

Closing Return Vents

David White Services has been ...
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How to Tell If You Need to Repair Your AC System

Wednesday, May 22nd, 2019

It isn’t always so easy to figure out that your AC system needs to be repaired. Most systems actually break down gradually, so there will be a period with a lot of warning signs before the AC finally quits altogether. Making sure you get repairs during this time can address small issues before they become big problems. All homeowners should be sure to keep an eye out for these signs that repairs are needed.

Sticky, Humid ...
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Checking a Home for Air Leaks

Thursday, May 2nd, 2019

If air leaks exist in your home, it could create conditions that are ripe for excess condensation. Furthermore, your heating and cooling system may have to work harder to keep the home at a comfortable temperature. Fortunately, there are various ways that you can test for air leaks in a residential property.

Schedule a Service Appointment

If you believe that air is leaking into your home, it may be a good idea to call a professional ...
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