We all want a comfortable home without uncomfortably high utility bills. And the Lennox SLP99V gas furnace may just offer you the perfect balance between the two. Add to this furnace an SLV28XC air conditioner or the ground-breaking SL25XPV heat pump, all Energy Star winners, and you have the Most Efficient System Ever. (https://www.lennox.com/products/systems/ultimate-comfort-system)

According to Forbes HVAC Review of 2023:
“Modern Lennox products are known for their efficiency and innovation. Many of the brand’s top products reach SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) ratings that other brands can’t match. While Lennox products are often seen as expensive, these energy savings are often worth the upfront cost.” https://www.forbes.com/home-improvement/hvac/lennox-hvac-review/

Over our 40 years of partnership Lennox has delivered again and again on innovation, including their SilentComfort technology which makes sound levels unbelievably low, on reliability, and consistency. We love that they are a direct to dealer manufacturer meaning their support is straightforward. Have a question about your system? We can often talk right to the people who built it that same day instead of working through a distributor which can delay the process.

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