Vision Statement:

Five years from now, our vision is to become the top HVAC & Fireplace company in southeastern Ohio with revenues exceeding $4 million. All of us will nurture relationships and provide top quality installations, caring service, with timely and professional interactions in every way. We will create comfortable homes where families gather and find serenity and breathe easy. We will accomplish this with teamwork and seeking training. We will set a benchmark for other companies in America by blazing paths of excellence in service while being profitable at all times, not wasting materials and controlling overhead.

Mission Statement:

David White Services is a family run heating, cooling, and fireplace company. We help families gather and create memories in the comfort of their own home by installing reliable, quality products and consistently providing caring, timely service.

Rules of the Game:

We Give Remarkable Service: We strive to make every interaction positive and memorable so our customers and employees are happy and proud to be a part of our excellence..

We Honor our Commitments: We are careful to not make promises we can’t keep because we follow through with what we say we will do.

We Are Honest and Fair: We believe in ethical business delivered with integrity.

We Are Life-Long Students: We are open to learning new ways, to tackling new challenges, and getting outside our comfort zone.

We Focus on Right Now: We are present and in the moment, concentrating on the task at hand. This is our life, and we want to enjoy every moment.

We Are Kind and Encouraging: We genuinely care for others and respect their opinions. We earn trust by being good listeners and using our words to build others up.