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The Ohio Pink Ribbon Fund

In addition to being a co-owner of David White Services, a wife, a mama of four boys, a community volunteer, Cara White-Stallard is also a breast cancer survivor. Below is her story:

I received my cancer diagnosis in August of 2022. There was something a little off during a routine mammogram so a second one was done and then a biopsy. It was such a small lump it wouldn’t have been found any other way for months. HER2 positive breast cancer was the diagnosis. The emotions were so intense, the fear for my life, for my boys and my husband and how they would feel, the worries about money, that sometimes I struggled to sleep and breathe. As a small business owner I knew it wouldn’t just be my life that would be affected. When my husband and I considered all the adjustments we might need to make we were completely overwhelmed. I was told that I would need 6 months of chemotherapy, then surgery, targeted therapy and radiation and it would all need to begin as soon as possible. It was as if we were in hyperspeed toward an uncertain future.

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Our family’s life needed to change pretty drastically and the business would need to change too. After much prayer and many conversations with my husband, Matthew, and my sister and business partner, Esther, there were several things we felt I could step back from. We love that we all work and play together and I really didn’t want to give any of that up. We made some plans, but overall decided to take it one day at a time. I got very sick from my Chemo treatments and was extremely limited in what I could do. I was housebound for weeks at a time. But so many things worked out, and all my responsibilities both personal and workwise were taken care of. It felt like a big hug from our community and God. The care I was given at OhioHealth, both in Athens and in Columbus, the nurses and doctors and other caregivers, was unbelievable. So many days it felt like their healing of me was genuinely like a miracle. The gifts I was given, the cards and text messages, the meals were priceless, not just in the value of them financially, but that I was not alone. Even when I was at my weakest and my limitations were great, I still felt like I was part of a bigger world and that I had a little something that I could offer to others and I felt that way because others made me feel included and loved and cherished. And as of October 2023, I finished all of my treatments and am officially cancer free!

Charities like Ohio Pink Ribbon Fund not only provide physical resources to women just like me, they also give us a greater space to meet others who have been through what we are going through and to be able to pay it forward and share back what we’ve been given.

In 2024 we would like to spread the word about the Pink Ribbon Fund in the hopes that those who get their diagnosis this year can feel the love and tender care that we felt.

Also, get screened today and learn more about the Pink Ribbon Fund below!



Are you currently undergoing treatment for breast cancer and finding yourself stressed about your financial situation? We’re here to help alleviate that stress by offering emergency relief and short-term assistance.

The Ohio Pink Ribbon Fund has a mission to support individuals diagnosed with breast cancer who are facing financial challenges. Our assistance is available to those residing within the service areas of Athens, Gallia, Hocking, Jackson, Meigs, Morgan, and Washington counties.

Meet Lee Wood, a breast cancer survivor who faced her diagnosis in 2012. Lee underwent chemotherapy and four surgeries to eliminate the cancer and reconstruct her breasts fully. Along her journey, she realized that many aspects of the process weren’t covered by her health insurance. This realization prompted her to consider that others might also be grappling with financial difficulties.

In 2014, Lee Wood took action and founded the Ohio Pink Ribbon Fund, with the initial donation coming from her own mother. The fund’s primary goal is to provide emergency assistance for health or living expenses, offering a helping hand to those facing similar challenges.

The Ohio Pink Ribbon Fund operates with a commitment to equal opportunity. We extend financial support to breast cancer survivors in Ohio and Wood County, West Virginia, as long as funds are available. Importantly, our assistance is granted without regard to the applicant’s sex, race, color, religion, creed, ethnicity, marital status, or sexual orientation.

If you are in need, don’t hesitate to reach out. The Ohio Pink Ribbon Fund is dedicated to supporting individuals during their breast cancer journey, ensuring that financial concerns don’t hinder their path to recovery.

The Mission

The Ohio Pink Ribbon fund is committed to offering emergency assistance to breast cancer survivors residing in Southeast Ohio and Wood County, West Virginia.

Key Objectives:
  • Emergency Assistance: Extending a helping hand during critical times.
  • Early Detection Education: Promoting awareness and education for early detection.
  • Support Services Information: Providing comprehensive details about available support services in the area.
  • Cancer Care Bags Distribution: Delivering care bags to local infusion centers to support individuals undergoing cancer treatment.
  • Connection to Services: Facilitating connections with relevant local and regional services as needed.

If you or a loved one would like to apply for assistance from the Ohio Pink Ribbon Fund, click here to get started.


The Ohio Pink Ribbon Fund is actively seeking individuals to lend a helping hand, particularly in outlying counties. There are various tasks that could use your support, such as transporting brochures and delivering chemo bags.

The volunteer board comprises survivors, family members of survivors, and healthcare professionals. Among the esteemed members of the OPRF board are Teresa Kirkendall, Cheryl Brooks, Kelly Jarrett, Sherry Thomas, and Edna Frost.

If you’re passionate about making a difference and supporting those affected by breast cancer, consider joining the volunteer team. Your assistance can contribute significantly to the fund’s mission of providing support and assistance to individuals in need.

Join us in making a positive impact in the community. Together, we can work towards a brighter and more supportive future for those facing breast cancer challenges. Click here to connect with Ohio Pink Ribbon.

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