Having the power go out in your Athens, OH, home could leave you scrambling to keep everyone safe and warm. Having a backup generator installed is the best way to prepare for the unexpected. Read on to discover four impressive benefits provided by these appliances.

1. Enjoy a Seamless Transition

During a power outage, there’s no need to manually start a standby generator. Installers connect generators to electrical panels using transfer switches. A transfer switch instantly transitions a home’s power demands to its standby generator when utility service goes out while simultaneously preventing the backflow of energy. Apart from a brief flicker from your lights and appliances, you won’t experience any downtime.

2. Preserve Your Food

As an increasing number of consumers stock their pantries and fill their refrigerators, freezers, and deep freezers with emergency food when bad weather is expected, extended power outages are becoming increasingly costly. Although you might be able to preserve your perishable goods by simply keeping freezer and refrigerator doors closed until the power comes back on, having a generator is a much surer way to prevent spoilage. This is especially true when outages last a day or more.

3. Keep Your EV Powered Up

If you recently replaced your fuel-combusting auto with an electric vehicle (EV), having your power go down will leave you without a way to charge its battery. Whether you use a Level 1 charging cord or a Level 2 charging station, a backup generator will supply enough juice to get your EV moving. This way, you’ll have working transportation if you need it.

4. Avoid Heating and Cooling Emergencies

Among the biggest losses during power outages is the loss of HVAC service. Having a generator power your heater or air conditioner is far more effective than layering up or stripping down when it comes to maintaining your comfort.

We help residents of Athens, OH maintain safe, comfortable homes year-round. We offer exceptional heating, cooling, and air quality services. We also provide backup generators and fireplace installations. To schedule an appointment, contact David White Services today.

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