A standby generator will stop power outages in your own house, even if the electric company can’t stop them for your neighborhood.

The Problem: Frustration

Today’s families rely on electricity more than any other generation.  We work from home, we school from home, we communicate long distance with other family members and all of it requires power.  When there is a power outage it causes frustration and at best our family’s routine is put on hold, at worst we can lose money, valuable time, or our health can be put in danger.

The Solution: a Standby Generator

A Briggs and Stratton standby generator means that your home life will continue uninterrupted even when the weather or other external issues threaten.  Investing in a standby generator not only can bring you peace of mind, it also can increase your home’s property, decrease your homeowner’s insurance, and prevent loss when a power outages causes damage to your home by a sump pump not working, a deep freezer not working and other electric devices we rely on.

How Does a Standby Generator Work?

Standby Generator by Briggs and StrattonA standby generator can be either natural gas or propane depending on what is already at your home.  It is permanently hooked up to the fuel source and professionally installed to your home’s existing electric wiring.  A transfer switch is installed so that when the utility company’s electricity is interrupted within a few seconds your selected electric appliances are transferred to the generator’s power.  No need to drag out a gasoline generator and try to run a few things from an extension cord.  A standby generator is hooked up so that you don’t have to do a thing.  It’s automatic and ready.

For even more peace of mind buy Briggs and Stratton and get the industry’s longest warranty!

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