Whether you recently bought a new HVAC system or you’ve owned your current one for over a decade, you can still benefit from annual maintenance. In fact, experts recommend two tune-ups a year: one in the spring for your AC and one in autumn for the furnace or heat pump.

Fortunately, many companies offer maintenance plans that give you these two tune-ups along with repair discounts and other benefits. At David White Services, Inc., we would be happy to provide this to you; we have locations in Athens and Lancaster, OH.

The Savings You Achieve

First, you should know that a maintenance plan is worth the up-front cost for several reasons. A well-maintained comfort unit will run more efficiently, which means less energy wasted. Many customers report a significant drop in their monthly power bill. And since a tune-up can address small issues with the system before they grow, you get to avoid paying the big bucks for motor replacements, heat exchanger replacements, and other major repairs.

A Longer-Lasting HVAC System

From blocked airflow to out-of-balance parts and corroded wiring, there are a number of things that can hinder the performance of your heating or AC system. If left alone, these can put extra wear and tear on the system and shorten its life span. A heat pump, for instance, can run for a good 20 years with regular maintenance while a mini-split may last as long as 30 years.

Warranty Protection

Last but not least, you probably have a warranty on your system, but chances are that the manufacturer won’t honor it unless you’re getting professional maintenance. This way, you can’t be blamed for any issues that do crop up with the system.

You can depend on David White Services, Inc., for maintenance in the Athens and Lancaster area; you’ll have a Basic, Preferred, and Premium plan to choose from. We also repair and replace heating and cooling systems. Other specialties include duct cleaning and the installation of indoor air quality systems and geothermal units. To schedule an appointment, call today.

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