Your HVAC System Can Be an Open the Door to Critters: Yikes!
March 22

Your HVAC System Can Be an Open the Door to Critters: Yikes!

A quality heating and cooling system keeps your air safe and clean by exchanging outdoor and indoor air in a controlled way.  These holes where… View Article Read More

HVAC Tips in Lancaster, OH
January 16

Why HVAC Maintenance Plans Are Worth It

Whether you recently bought a new HVAC system or you’ve owned your current one for over a decade, you can still benefit from annual maintenance…. View Article Read More

Benefits of Insulation
November 13

Benefits of Insulation

The insulation lining the walls and floors of your home is one of the biggest unsung heroes of the building. A properly insulated home isn’t… View Article Read More

indoor humidifiers temperature happy couple
January 30

Humidifiers and Temperature: Creating the Human Habitat

Humidity and temperature control are crucial to enjoyment of life in our homes.  Have you thought of purchasing humidifiers or easy to use thermostats?  If… View Article Read More

2017 Fall Sudoku
October 3

2017 Fall Sudoku

Thank you for reading our newsletter.  Here is the Sudoku solution for the 2017 Fall Comfort News.  Hope you had fun! Are you’re looking to… View Article Read More

Heating and Cooling Kindness challenge
September 17

Kindness Heats Up With a 30 Day Challenge

Kindness.  It’s such simple concept, but do we ever take the time to truly concentrate on it?  One of our own local community members does… View Article Read More

February 12

Standby Generator Stops Power Outages

A standby generator will stop power outages in your own house, even if the electric company can’t stop them for your neighborhood. The Problem: Frustration… View Article Read More

January 20

It’s a New Season of Football!

We love being sponsors of Ohio Athletics because we love Football Season! Who’s with us. Watch this video to get excited for a new season… View Article Read More