Kindness.  It’s such simple concept, but do we ever take the time to truly concentrate on it?  One of our own local community members does just that.  In fact, Nicole J. Phillips has written the book on kindness and lives every day with it as her focus.  If you’ve ever met her, or any of her family, you will see how a generous spirit at the center of a family unit can inspire everyone within it to be unselfishly focused on supporting the greater good.

Nicole is launching a new podcast in October and David White Services has signed up as a sponsor of a special evening “Finding Kindness” where she will speak as will Leon Logothetis. It will be held at Baker Center October 17, 2017 at 7:30 p.m. in Athens, Ohio.  Go to WOUB for more details.  As part of the sponsorship we vowed to do random acts of kindness and post them on social media with the hashtag #kindnessmatters.  After considering it for a few days, I’ve decided to do 30 days of kindness and bring attention to this wonderful cause.  And please, please make your day have plenty of sunshine in it by checking out Nicole’s website here.

How would the world change if everyone was kind?  If everyone was unselfish?  How would the world change if we knew our neighbor’s names and cared for those in need, not just in our hearts or with our pocketbooks, but also in every day words and deeds?  My guess is there certainly could be no bullying, self esteem would not be so tenuous in so many, and anxiety levels would sure lower for all of us.

Caring about people is a huge mission for us in the heating and cooling business.  We are about hearth and home, families gathering together in the peace of their own comfort zones.  Every day we put people first, we put their homes above our own and try very hard to treat them the way we would like to be treated.  We take cold metal machines: air conditioners, furnaces, fireplaces and turn them into breathing parts at the very center of our communities.  I’m passionate about customer service, about being friendly and approachable.  I’m passionate about making people feel comfortable, not just with the temperature in their living spaces, but also with my staff entering their homes.  Every day I preach to all of our staff to smile when we answer the phone and leave a house cleaner than when we arrived.

But is politeness enough?  Or could we push outside of comfort zones, outside of just our own concerns and homes, and focus on kindness for the greater good?  With this in mind I asked myself: Could I have kindness not just be a part of our life, something I do as an after thought, but our actual focus for one whole month?  And would that change me inside for the betterment of my soul?  Does holding the door open for others change us, effect our own heart?  Does smiling at strangers make their day better?  My guess is yes.

Thank you so much to Nicole for being such an inspiration and such a positive influence on Athens.

Kindness challenge

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