The insulation lining the walls and floors of your home is one of the biggest unsung heroes of the building. A properly insulated home isn’t just more energy efficient. It’s also more comfortable and safer. Here are the top five benefits to insulation:

Saves You Money

A properly insulated home requires less energy to maintain a constant temperature. This means that your house stays cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. Ice storms come through your area? Insulation can help you stay toasty without breaking the bank.

Increases Comfort

No one likes living in a drafty house. Old insulation or uninsulated pipes can cause a wide range of problems. Those places are prone to chilly (or muggy) air that carries in allergens. In winter you’ll also have to endure icy blasts of water until the pipes heat up.

Reduces Condensation and Mold

You may do your best to keep your home dry and mold-free. However, fixing leaky pipes and mopping up spills can only do so much if your home isn’t insulated. The great outdoors is a humid place, with the possibility of heavy dews in the morning, passing rainstorms, and wet seasons. Moisture entering your home can become condensation. These droplets and pools of water may lead to the growth of health-impairing mold.

Sound Control

Insulation doesn’t just block temperature shifts. A well-insulated house also helps keep noises at bay. Whether you have a neighbor who revs his truck first thing in the morning or live by a busy highway, the sounds will be greatly reduced by the right insulation. This can add up to a better night’s sleep, peaceful days at home, and more.

Raises Home Value

The same insulation that makes your home energy-efficient and pleasant to live in can also help you when you put your place on the market. Your quality home insulation, professionally installed, can make an attractive selling point.

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