Whether hosting guests in your Lancaster, OH home this season or entertaining family only, you need an affordable and reliable way to maintain a warm, cozy environment. Soft lights and the rosy glow of a real wood fire create the perfect ambiance for mingling and celebrating. However, if you aren’t careful, you could make a few common mistakes that drive your energy bill sky-high. The following are three tips to minimize your winter heating costs while keeping everyone toasty.

1. Seal Up All Air Leaks

Before the coldest winter temperatures come rolling in, take the time to tighten up your home’s envelope. You can add more insulation to your attic and choose insulating materials with higher R-values. You can also install weatherstripping at all windows and doors and use caulk to close up any gaps in building materials. All of these measures will keep the hot air that your furnace produces from migrating outside.

It’s also a good idea to let both residents and guests know that windows and doors should remain closed while the heater is on. Moreover, although burning logs sets a warm, festive tone, you’ll save more energy by closing your fireplace flue and keeping your wood for another time. If having a fire is essential for your plans, invest in an efficient gas insert instead.

2. Use Your Window Treatments

Leave your curtains or blinds open during the daylight hours when sunlight is beaming directly onto your windows. Allowing your home to take in plenty of solar heat will limit the amount of heat that your furnace must produce to achieve your preferred indoor temperature.

3. Have Your Heating System Tuned Up

The absolute best way to lower your winter heating costs is by having your furnace professionally tuned up. Measures like replacing damaged and worn components, removing airflow obstructions, and clearing out built-up debris make heating systems both safer and more efficient. Not only will you pay less to use your furnace after a tune-up, but you’ll also have a far lower likelihood of experiencing a major heating emergency and costly heater repairs.

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