With winter temperatures in Athens, OH dipping as low as 20 degrees Fahrenheit, every home needs a functional, fixed heating solution. Lacking a working furnace, boiler, heat pump, mini-split, or radiant floor heating system, your home will quickly become uninhabitable. Not only does whole-house heating equipment keep residents safe, but it also prevents pipes from freezing. The following is everything you need to know about what a heating emergency is and how to avoid one.

Signs You’re Having a Heating Emergency

If your heating system won’t turn on or if it’s only emitting cold air, you’re having a heating emergency. This is especially true if outside temperatures are already at or below freezing. However, you don’t want to wait until indoor conditions are critical before taking action. Having your heater repaired or replaced right away will help you avoid burst pipes, indoor flooding, and temperature-related health issues like hypothermia and frostnip.

Power Outages and Heating Emergencies

Utility outages are among the most common causes of heating emergencies. Even many gas-fired furnaces and boilers require electricity to fire up their electronic ignition switches. Although many power outages last just minutes or hours, some of these events can span for days. To avoid outage-related heating emergencies, consider having a backup generator put in.

Temporary Heating Solutions Don’t Fix Heating Emergencies

You can’t weather the winter season in Athens with electric blankets, residual heat from your oven, or space heaters alone. Moreover, attempting to do so creates a serious risk of fires, skin burns, and other injuries and property damage. If your heater is underperforming or not performing at all, scheduling heater service is far safer than cobbling together a makeshift heating plan on your own.

How to Stay Warm During a Heating Emergency

When your whole-house heating system goes down, schedule emergency HVAC repairs. Make sure that all windows and exterior doors are closed to trap residual heat in. Have everyone layer up and huddle together in the warmest room. If you have access to a space heater or fireplace, you can use it to beat back the chill. However, if the wait for repairs is too long, you may need to head to an alternative location until your technician arrives. This is especially true for households with aging adults, newborn babies, and other vulnerable individuals.

We work hard to keep residents of Athens, OH comfortable and safe. In addition to exceptional heating and cooling services, we provide fireplaces, generators, and air quality improvements. Contact David White Services now to schedule an appointment.

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