Winter temperatures in Athens, Ohio frequently fall below 30 degrees Fahrenheit. Having your heater fail during times like these is considered a heating emergency. Following are some things you need to know about heating emergencies, including how to prevent them.

Insufficient Heating Fuel

In homes with oil-fired heating systems, few things are worse than having an oil tank run empty during the heart of the cold season. Not only is heating oil more expensive to purchase midseason, but it can also be harder to come by. Although many heating oil delivery companies offer emergency refill service, their ability to come through is dependent upon both weather and road conditions.

In a pinch, you can use diesel as a short-term replacement for heating oil. However, you should store it correctly, use it sparingly, and refill your tank with standard heating oil as soon as you can. Signing up for automatic fuel delivery service is an easy way to avoid running out.

Substandard Heater Performance

Even if your heater is working and has sufficient fuel in its tank, you could still have a heating emergency on your hands. Having a heater turn on but fail to distribute adequate heat can be a problem during winter. If you’ve got lukewarm air coming out of your ducts, and if your indoor temperature is steadily falling, call for professional help right away.

Unsafe Operating Conditions

Having excessively hot air come out of your air vents isn’t always a good thing. This is especially true when it’s paired with poor maintenance, unusual sounds during furnace operation, and unpleasant smells. Excessively hot air could be a sign of overheating or other furnace problems. Other unsafe operating conditions include:

  • Having a furnace flame that’s yellow, orange, or red rather than blue
  • Seeing soot around your heater
  • Smelling a strong and pervasive burnt odor around your heater

Incomplete fuel combustion and problems with your heater’s venting system can create dangerous and potentially deadly conditions in your home. If you see sparks, smoke, or other abnormal developments while your heater is on, turn it off and give us a call. The best way to avoid problems like these is by having your heater professionally serviced at least once each year.

At David White Services, Inc., we’re committed to helping residents of Athens, Ohio stay safe and warm in winter. We offer heating, cooling, and indoor air quality services. We also provide geothermal heating and air duct cleaning. If you’ve got a heating emergency on your hands, we can help. Get in touch with us today!

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