The air that flows throughout your home is drawn into and through your HVAC unit, and tempered air is then blown back into individual rooms. The unit’s air filter collects airborne particles, so indoor air is cleaner and the airflow to your HVAC unit doesn’t become restricted. It’s best to check the filter once a month and change or clean it as needed, but not to let more than 90 days pass between times.

Different types of air filters require different types of care (see chart at left). And the more people who live in your home, the more airborne pollutants, so the filter may need to be changed more frequently. If you have health issues or allergies, you could benefit from changing the filter monthly. If you have pets, live on a dirt road, or have other big sources of airborne particles, the air filter is likely to fill up faster than if you don’t have these circumstances. And when it’s peak heating or cooling season, you may want to check and change the filter more often.

Many modern thermostats now keep track of your filter’s health for you. If this isn’t true in your case, set a reminder on your phone or mark a calendar so you don’t forget to check. Change or clean your air filter on a regular basis. Some dirt is ok as this actually can help capture more dirt. But too much and you choke your furnace blower but not giving it enough air and this can reduce the life of your furnace.

If you purchased your system from David White Services you more than likely have a Deep Pleated filter and only need to change it 1-2 times a year. You can buy filters from us, we have sales every spring and fall, or we also have found Amazon to be a good source for people.

This article is from our Fall 2023 Comfort News

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