At David White Services, we offer AC maintenance in Albany, OH that will keep your system running as efficiently as possible. Regular maintenance is good for any make or model, regardless of its age, and you’ll want to have a professional take care of your system throughout its entire lifetime. An AC tune-up can keep your equipment clean and functioning optimally. Over the course of a year, an air conditioner can build up dirt that may start to affect its efficiency and functionality. Our technicians will perform a thorough cleaning of your unit, including the evaporator and condenser coils, in order to increase energy transfer throughout the system.

You can trust our team to carefully examine each part of a unit in order to check it for hidden problems. Regular maintenance for an air conditioner makes it easy to identify and address any small issues before they have time to develop into something much more serious in the future. This can help increase the life expectancy of your cooling system and lower your monthly energy bills.