August is the last month of summer weather in Athens, and along with the change of seasons comes the end of summer HVAC maintenance. At David White Services, we know just how important routine maintenance is for the health of your AC. With a little TLC, you can increase your HVAC’s lifespan, reliability, and energy efficiency.

Take a look at these HVAC maintenance tips to ensure that your system is ready for fall.

Change Your Air Filter

Summer is a rough season for your air filter. Between the AC running nonstop and the extra pollen in the air, the filter gets clogged quickly. Changing your filter at the end of summer is very important, although we recommend changing it every month for the best results.

Clear Debris From the Outdoor Condenser Unit

Not all HVAC maintenance is performed inside the home. You should also take a look at your outdoor AC unit. Summer is an active time of year, and between thunderstorms, lawn mowing, and landscaping, it’s easy for debris to build upon the unit. Clear away any visible debris you find with a brush or vacuum.

Use Your Ceiling Fans

Although August is the last month of summer, we’re still likely to experience lots of heat and humidity. Running your ceiling fans will help take some of the strain off your AC system. As a rule of thumb, you can turn up your thermostat by four degrees without feeling a difference in temperature while running your fans.

Schedule HVAC Maintenance

The end of summer is the perfect time to schedule annual furnace maintenance. Getting your HVAC tuned up in August means it will be ready for the cold winter weather. Going into the season with a well-maintained furnace greatly reduces the odds of it breaking down mid-season.

Local HVAC Maintenance and Cooling Experts

To learn more HVAC maintenance tips or to have your system professionally tuned, look no further than David White Services. Since 1977, our licensed technicians have provided some of the best HVAC maintenance, repair, and installation services in Athens, GA. Call us today!

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