We know it’s scary to live in a quickly changing world when big changes seem to happen every day. In times of change and chaos, it is our families, our communities that see us through. We are committed to helping families create safe havens of comfort in their homes. That includes safe, clean air to breathe but it also means we care on a deeper level and times like this remind us of why helping people with their homes is so very important to us.

Please take one day at a time, if you have enough for today, you have enough. This includes both physical and emotional needs. If you don’t have enough to make it safely to tomorrow, please reach outward. Don’t suffer alone. Let those who have enough for today and tomorrow share from their surplus.

The world may be a little scarier today than it was yesterday, but we still see the hope in tomorrow and we’re proud to be part of this tight-knit southeastern Ohio family.

Governor DeWine’s Stay at Home Order is now in effect. HVAC is considered a Critical Trade and we have been asked to remain open. We understand as it keeps the air in our homes clean and safe for us. We know homeowners need us more than ever and we are doing everything we can to help.

We have employed many policies to keep our staff and your homes compliant and protected. Please take note of the following if you need our services:

1. We’ve reduced our office hours. They now are 8 am-4 pm at both locations.

2. Please knock if you come to our offices and we will bring your filters or needed parts to you.

3. Our emergency department is still open 24 hours every day. 1-800-247-6180

4. Our techs are following every directive to make sure you and their own families are safe. Please respect their rules and boundaries, they are there for your protection.

5. Please be honest with our dispatchers if you are not feeling well in any way.

6. Ask us about additional ways to protect your homes. Filtering is an essential first step but there are other methods that are even more effective like UV lights.

7. Please run your fan continuously. This keeps the air in your home moving and filtering constantly instead of becoming stagnant.

We are here to help. Thank you all for sticking with us through all of this. We are here with you and for your families, we find comfort in knowing that our Ohio government and all of you take it all seriously. We want to protect our families and kids and parents. We want to protect each other’s health and financial stability as much as possible. We understand and share your every fear.

We’ve got this!!!

Call for COVID-19 Health Concerns at 833-4-ASK-ODH

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