Trust the experienced technicians at [company_name] to take care of your next furnace installation in Albany, OH. After many long years of reliable heating, your furnace will eventually reach a point where it can’t keep up with your household. It may begin skyrocketing your monthly bills or requiring repairs more than once a year. Rather than continue to struggle with reduced indoor comfort, schedule a new furnace or heat pump installation.

Furnace Installation in Albany

Replacing your furnace before it breaks down entirely will improve your home’s airflow and temperature control. Units older than 10 to 15 years are full of outdated parts that make it hard for the system to function efficiently. After years of providing heat, dirt, dust, and other particulates have accumulated and coated the inside of your furnace. Compromised, dirty components are likely to break down frequently and require costly service.

Newer furnaces tend to be less noisy than outdated models and have lower carbon footprints. They don’t require as much fuel to keep your house thoroughly heated and comfortable. These systems can also give you access to new and improved HVAC industry technology that will optimize your comfort without driving your bills through the roof. Smart furnaces, for example, come with features like energy management and safety alerts.

Keep watch for these signs that you have a failing furnace in Albany.
  • Uneven heating
  • Visibly cracked or rusted parts
  • Irregular cycles
  • Strange noises or smells
  • New humidity issues

Heat pumps are another great heating and cooling option known for their exceptional efficiency. Unlike furnaces, these systems don’t make heat. Instead, they pull hot air from outside the house and transfer it inside. You’ll spend less money running a heat pump than you would an oil or natural gas system. They can last an impressive 25 years with routine HVAC maintenance. Since they’re not combustion-based, you can rest easy knowing your home is safe from potential gas leaks.

A new heat pump installation will typically cost more than getting a new furnace. However, you’ll also have lower energy costs in the future. To determine the best new heating system for your house, you’ll have to consider your location, project budget, and future comfort goals. Count on our team to provide expert industry knowledge that will help you make the right indoor comfort choices.

Exceptional Heat Pump Installation Team

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