The day of your heat pump installation is the most important day of your heat pump’s life. According to a 2018 US Department of Energy Report up to 90% of all heat pump installations are done incorrectly, which could mean less comfort for your family or more money for energy each month.

A new heat pump installation can seem daunting, especially to new homeowners. But don’t worry! One of our expert Home Comfort Advisors will come to your home at no charge to help you with that difficult decision. You can pick out the high-efficient heat pump system that is perfect for your family’s home comfort needs and our weather here in Athens and Lancaster Ohio areas.

Heat pump by house

There are so many options these days and any new high-efficient heat pump is a significant upgrade in technology and comfort from even the heat pumps 5 years ago. We also can help with your financing so your total monthly bills are as low as possible.

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What can you expect once you’ve chosen which heat pump system to have installed?
  1. Once you’ve signed your professional contract and paid your deposit our Installation Department will contact you to choose a date that is convenient for your schedule. Now’s the time to tell us if there are any tricks to your driveway or home that you’d like us to be aware of. Tell us if you prefer to communicate via phone call, text, or email and by all means, if you have any worries or questions at all, ask us! We’re here to help.
  2. On the day of your heat pump installation our professional technicians will load your heat pump and other accessories necessary for your installation and contact you with your preferred method to tell you we’re on the way and our estimated time of arrival.
  3. Upon arriving we will assess the job site and begin setting up our work sites. A heat pump installation needs access to at many areas of your home including:
    • Your current heat pump outside
    • Your indoor evaporator coil and blower
    • Your thermostat
    • Your electrical panel
    • Your crawlspace, basement, or attic
  4. After turning off the power to your current heat pump system our installation crew will disassemble and remove your old heat pump and other equipment being replaced. We are careful to use drop cloths and shoe protectors and we also move small household belongings in the work are to a safer area. However, the process may create dust so please cover any heavy furniture that worries you.
  5. We will then begin installation of your new heat pump. Many systems can be installed in one day but because every home is different sometimes a job will extend into a second day. If major ductwork modifications are needed your Comfort Advisor and you will discuss that process together so you can know an estimate of how much time it might take. Existing homes can be complicated and we are always mindful of both your time and your home’s needs.
  6. When everything is installed and up to snuff we will turn your heat pump on and check it’s refrigerant levels.