Heat pumps are one of the best, most environmentally friendly ways to heat and cool your home but when a heat pump repair is on the horizon it can be a little scary. How much will a heat pump repair cost and how can you know if you should repair or buy a brand new heat pump? You should ask that question! It’s essential that you know the answer so you don’t waste $1,000’s of dollars on a heat pump repair that won’t extend it’s life enough to make the investment worth it.

You can get a good idea by multiplying your heat pump’s age by the cost of repairs and comparing it to the cost to replace.

If your heat pump is 11 years old and no longer under the manufacturer’s warranty and the repair is estimated at $1500 that’s $16,500 when multiplied by it’s age! A new heat pump system would save you money in the long run and make your home more comfortable right now, not to mention that might not be the last heat pump repair you need on your older heat pump.

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You also should know is that heat pump technology is ever changing and advancing. The Department of Energy has turned it’s attention to heat pumps and modern heat pumps are much more efficient than those made just 8-10 years ago. If your heat pump is over 10 years old, it’s more than likely you should replace your heat pump instead of a costly heat pump repair, especially if you haven’t had bi-annual maintenance on it each year. Older heat pumps started out less efficient than those that meet current construction standard and over the years of constant use they will have lost efficiency.


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Only you know your current circumstances but it’s an excellent time to replace your heat pump and each year they will only get more expensive. Should you repair or replace a heat pump? David White Services can help you know what’s best for your family and home.