If your family members seem to be coming down with more respiratory complaints than usual, the culprit could be poor air quality inside your home. Indoor air pollution is also associated with eye irritation, headaches, and general fatigue. You can find out for sure whether the air inside your home is polluted by having your HVAC provider test for the presence of mold, radon and other contaminants.

Testing for Contaminants

A persistent musty smell inside your basement, attic, crawl spaces or other parts of your home may be a sign that your home has mold. Mold testing typically calls for leaving a petri dish in the area that’s suspected of infestation. After the dish has incubated for a few days, your HVAC tech will remove it and send it to a lab for confirmation.

Radon is an invisible gas that results from the decay of radioactive materials. It gets into homes through infinitesimal cracks in walls and foundations. Short-term radon tests that meet EPA requirements include charcoal canister kits.

Other pollutants include smoke, carbon dioxide and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) associated with literally thousands of consumer products.

Air Purification Services

A range of indoor air systems exist that may help successfully fight pollutants. Many of these systems include filters that are designed to keep extremely fine particles from the air. These filters can help protect your family against microbes, allergens, and gases as well as from dust and debris.

Regular HVAC Maintenance

The most effective way of making sure the air quality inside your home stays healthy is by scheduling regular maintenance services for your heating and cooling systems. These services typically include filter changes, duct cleaning, and checks to make sure all equipment is functioning optimally.

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