Your thermostat will play an important role in ensuring that your heating system keeps you warm this winter and that your heating bills remain reasonable. Here are some steps you can take to keep your thermostat operating properly no matter how cold it gets.

Upgrade Older Thermostats

When you call David White Services for heating advice, upgrading to a smart thermostat will be at the top of the list of our recommendations. Classic thermostats are inaccurate by modern standards and cause inefficiencies. Programmable thermostats are more effective than basic units, but we recommend smart technologies because they are easier to use and eliminate much of the human error that can come with dialing in your settings.

Schedule a Tune-Up

Autumn is a great time of year to schedule a tune-up because summer has just ended and you have some time before the really cold weather sets in. Your technician will include your thermostat in the tune-up and inspect and clean it as well as make recommendations.

Clean Your Thermostat

If you forgo the tune-up, then the most important step you can take yourself is to clean the unit. Many modern units protect against dust well, but they can still build up. As it accumulates, it disrupts the contacts and can cause readings to be higher or lower than the actual temperatures. To clean the thermostat, remove the cover and use a soft brush. A piece of paper can be used to clean between the contacts.

Assess Thermostat Placement

If the arrangement of your home has changed, consider whether the placement of the thermostat is optimal. Ideally, it should be centrally located within the home. It also should not be near windows or other heat sources that can throw off the readings.

Your Local Heating Company

David White Services has been a leading heating company in Athens and Lancaster for more than 40 years. We work with a variety of makes and models of heating, ventilation and air conditioning equipment for installations, maintenance, and repairs. We’re also available for emergency services. Contact us today to learn more.

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