Top Ductwork and Repair Installation in Lancaster

Since 1977, David White Services has been proudly assisting residents in Lancaster, OH, and the surrounding areas. Thanks to David’s initial commitment to customer service and industry expertise, we’ve become the premier ductwork repair and installation company in the region. We’ve won numerous awards over our four-plus decades of service. Our accolades include the Lennox Circle of Excellence Award, which recognizes the top 50 Lennox dealers, and the Lennox Centurion Award, which we have been honored to receive six times.

What sets us apart:
  • Family owned and operated for more than 40 years
  • Multiple time award winner for excellent customer service
  • A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau
  • Top 100 Lennox dealer in the Midwest region

Expert Lancaster Ductwork Repair and Installation

Your home’s heating and cooling system is only efficient when your ductwork is properly sized, sealed, and insulated. One of the most important aspects of air ducts is their size. The size of your home dictates the size of ductwork you need to have installed.

Once a trained professional has helped choose the needed ductwork size for your home, it’s also important the ducts are properly installed. When ducts are not installed the right way, you can begin losing air through loose joints, leaving you to pay higher utility bills. Ductwork in damp areas can corrode and leave big holes in your ductwork. Air conditioning can also leave condensation on uninsulated ducts, causing rust.

Over time, ductwork can become dirty or clogged, which means that professional duct cleaning is one of the most important aspects of ductwork repair. As dust and debris build up in your ducts, airflow becomes constricted. Depending on the type of debris, ducts can also become punctured requiring immediate repair.

Dangers of damaged ducts:
  • Lower indoor air quality
  • Shortens the life span of your heating and cooling system
  • Lower energy efficiency, leading to higher utility bills
  • Leads to uneven temperatures throughout your home
  • Greatly diminishes overall home comfort

Simply the Best in Ductwork Service

Our team of highly experienced, licensed comfort specialists is ready to work with you to make your home as comfortable as you need it to be. The service techs and installers we employ provide 24/7 emergency support and service. We’re always here to help you stay comfortable in your home.

Contact David White Services with all your ductwork needs in Lancaster. Even if you aren’t in the market for ductwork installation or repair, call us today about any of your home comfort needs!