Taking the time to program your thermostat can provide you savings year after year and make getting your energy bill in the mail a little more bearable. David White Services offers a wide range of digital and programmable thermostats, so there are plenty of options available to seize the savings that come with both selections. And of course with all Lennox products, you know you’re getting durability and high efficiency.

Everyone seems to constantly be searching for new ways to save money. Well, it’s your lucky day, because one of your most expensive monthly bills may be about to go down. With all the technology available, we now have a wide range of heating and cooling products that can help us take back the comfort in our homes. With Wi-Fi thermostat enabled systems and digital thermostats, the options are growing every day, and with them come the opportunity to up your comfort while helping decrease your energy bills.

Using the features of these products help take on one of the major pieces of your energy costs, heating and cooling.

David White Services has a wide range of programmable thermostats so you can find the perfect thermostat for your comfort needs and budget.