Energy Efficient There’s no doubt that summer heat and humidity are as uncomfortable as freezing winter temperatures and gusty winds. But today, with a properly-sized and well-maintained HVAC system, there’s no reason to suffer through hot days and cold nights.

Heating and cooling costs represent nearly half of the energy use in a typical American home, according to the U.S. Department of Energy, so every dollar saved is good for the budget. Here are three simple tips to help you zero in on those cost and energy savings:

1. Check for Air Leaks and Drafts

Take a walk around the interior of your home: It’s often easy to determine where there are air leaks. Pay special attention to the weatherstripping around doors and windows, and check for drafts around electrical plugs and switches, vents and fans, and the places where water pipes enter the home. If yours is an older home, check the attic insulation: Add batts or a new layer of blown-in insulation if necessary. Insulate other areas that might allow interior heat to escape — walls adjacent to a garage, or storage closets, for example.

2. Cover Your Windows

Glass is notorious for its heat gain or loss tendencies, no matter how great the view might be. Modern thermo-pane windows and low-E glazing can help substantially. With older single-pane windows, storm window is almost a necessity and, when combined with insulated drapes, they go a long way toward keeping interiors cozy. In the summer, as well, pulling the drapes will help keep interiors cooler by preventing the sun from heating up your rooms. Another option is solar film; it will add to your HVAC efficiency throughout the year.+

3. Pick a Temperature and Leave It

It may not be the most comfortable, but power companies recommend setting a thermostat at 78 degrees during the summer and 68 degrees for winter. Then, leave the thermostat along and adjust both your activity and your clothing to remain comfortable!

Importance of Energy Star Labels

Finally, when it’s time to upgrade a system or buy a new furnace or air conditioner, look for the Energy Star label, and compare the ratings. For local service, we stand ready to offer advice, service your existing systems, or recommend options for new installations and upgrades. David White Services, Inc., has built its reputation based on honesty, service and high-quality products. Why would you settle for anything less?

Certified and Experienced HVAC Techs

Keep David White Services in mind for all your home comfort needs in the Lancaster-Athens area of Southwestern Ohio. Our team will do its best to help you stay comfortable all year long, whether it’s time to clean those ducts, upgrade to a smart thermostat or install a new fireplace. Give us a call now!

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