When your furnace keeps running, it’s a sign that something is wrong. It could turn out to be a minor concern that can be quickly fixed, or it could require a more major repair. When you have David White Services in Lancaster help you, you can trust that you’ll get our honest recommendations as to what steps you should take.

Is Your Home Below the Programmed Temperature?

Your furnace may be running and yet your home is below the temperature you’ve set. In this case, check your thermostat. In very cold weather, your furnace may have trouble raising your temperature to very high levels, so you may need to drop the temperature below 70 degrees.

Next, check your filter. It may be clogged from dust, dirt, or debris, and air might not be able to effectively flow through your home. Fortunately, a filter replacement is an easy fix.

A larger issue may be at play as well. If there are any leaks in your ductwork, hot air can escape. You may be able to seal up the leaks on your own, or David White Services can certainly help you.

Is Your Home Above the Programmed Temperature?

If your home is hotter than you’d like it to be, the blower mower could be the culprit. It could just be the fan, or it could be the limit switch on the blower. This would be a more complex fix that David White Services can do for you.

Likewise, the wiring of your thermostat could be faulty. Tightening up the connections can make a difference, but you may have to replace your thermostat. You could go with a standard thermostat or take advantage of the opportunity to install a smart one.

Count on Us

David White Services has been working in the Lancaster area since 1977. We’re available 24/7 in case of emergency repairs, and you can rest assured knowing that we’re a family-owned and -operated company that has an A+ rating from the BBB. Call us today if you need any help with your furnace. We also offer air conditioning repairs and duct cleaning.

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