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Dave Lennox the BobbleheadWhy Dave Lennox?  Who was he?

In 1895 Dave Lennox began manufacturing the first riveted steel furnace.  Prior to that, most homes used wood to heat homes.  Inefficient and with no ducts, wood fires had to be built and kept burning in all the rooms of a household. But with the invention of a steel furnace located in a basement with ducts run throughout the house, a single unit, burning the much more efficient coal, could heat an entire home.  Even without electricity and fans to move air, early furnaces used natural convection of warm air rising.  You could now stoke just one fire and heat the the whole house.

Dave Lennox was not the only inventor to make our lives more comfortable and convenient in the winter.  Alice Parker, an African American inventor, was the first to burn natural gas in a furnace.  Ernest Bryant and Ezra Smith also were pivotal in Dave Lennox’s invention.  Aren’t we so grateful for their brilliance?

I, for one, am glad I don’t have to get up every morning and get fires going in my house.  With an ap on my phone I can command my gas furnace to turn on and warm up my bedroom before I ever brave getting out of my toasty warm covers.  Yay to inventors!

In celebration of the wonderful people who make our lives so much easier and comfortable, we will follow Dave the Bobblehead in his adventures this year. We believe Dave Lennox represents American innovation, home comfort, and the same honest, friendly, family values we’ve built our own company around.

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