An air conditioner should work without any problems, but they do occur. Occasionally, an air conditioner may even give off an odd smell. The price of generating cold air should not be an acceptance of unpleasant odors in your residence. If your air conditioner is emitting a strange odor, it could be signaling a serious issue. It’s important to determine what the cause could be.

Dirty Water

Sometimes, water does not escape or drain out of the air conditioner as it should. In this case, you could end up with a significant amount of water collecting inside, and that water might stagnate. Clogs sometimes contribute to this problem, and they need to be addressed. David White Services can assist homeowners in and around Athens or Lancaster in correcting this or other issues.


Not surprisingly, a collection of mold and mildew will cause an air conditioner to smell bad. The mold could be in different places. The evaporator coil, in particular, is susceptible to mold growth. That said, mold can also collect inside the ductwork. Clearing out the mold should be a top priority and not just for aesthetic reasons. The presence of mold can constitute a severe health risk.

Burning Wires

If you smell the scent of something burning, that is a serious concern. One possible reason for the burning could be an issue with the wiring, and this ought to cause alarm. An electrical fire is a very real possibility. Consequently, the system should be turned off and checked out immediately.

Other Issues

A somewhat sweet smell could indicate a coolant leak. Although not as dangerous for residents, this isn’t good for the environment, and it could cost you in energy bills. No unusual odor should be ignored.

Call David White Services in Lancaster or Athens, OH, today to have any air conditioner problems checked out. The technicians we send can handle any sort of cooling repair and maintenance. If you want a new AC, our team handles installations as well. Besides that, we perform the same services for heating systems and take care of ductwork cleaning. Don’t hesitate to contact our office to discuss your needs.

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