The summer months in Athens may be unbearable without the air conditioner running on full blast. If it were to stop working for any reason, it could cause significant health issues for humans and pets alike. Therefore, it is critical that you know where to turn for emergency service.

Homes Can Get Hot Quickly

During times of extreme heat and humidity, your home can become extremely hot and moist in a matter of minutes. At David White Services, we offer emergency air conditioning repair and other services to residents of Lancaster in order to prevent the weather from making properties difficult to live in comfortably. If you need a new air conditioning unit, we can help you choose a product and install it as soon as possible.

High Levels of Humidity Can Damage Your Home

Humid air can result in water pooling in your attic or basement. Water that condenses in the attic may travel all the way down to your home’s foundation. Along the way, it can get into walls, eat away at insulation and cause other issues. Moisture can also become a breeding ground for mold or pests such as mosquitoes or carpenter ants. Property that is stored in a room without proper ventilation can suffer extensive damage that may be difficult or impossible to repair.

Pets May Have Trouble Adapting to Humid Air

Unlike humans, animals generally don’t sweat to keep themselves cool. Therefore, even a slight increase in humidity can wreak havoc on their bodies. Even if you provide them with additional water and dark places to lie in, it may not be enough to truly keep them safe. Without emergency air conditioner service, you may be forced to take your pets to a friend’s house, a hotel, or a kennel until humidity levels drop.

Your Emergency AC Repair Company

When your air conditioner stops working, give David White Services a call. While at your home. Our professionals can also inspect your furnace or clean the air ducts responsible for carrying air around the property.

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