When your furnace isn’t blowing hot air, it could mean the pilot light is out. Pilot lights are designed to heat the burners in a gas furnace system. Always follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for igniting the pilot light on your specific model.

Step #1:

Find the location of the pilot light and the reset button. Pilot lights are typically located near the bottom of the heater. The reset button is usually labeled with the words pilot, on and off.

Step #2:

Turn the reset button to the off position. This can be accomplished with your hands. Setting the reset button to off will turn off the gas that flows to the furnace. Do not attempt to ignite a pilot light with the gas turned on.

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Step #3:

Wait for the gas to turn off and dissipate from the ignition assembly. If you skip this step, you could ignite the excess gas instead. Several minutes should be enough time before continuing.

Step #4:

Turn the reset button to the pilot position and the gas will begin to flow to the pilot. You should be able to hear the gas begin to flow.

Step #5:

Light a match or ignite a lighter, and push the button to reset. Put the flame into the pilot light opening and ignite the pilot light. Make sure you hold the reset button in while lighting. Release it only when the pilot light is steadily burning. Your furnace should power up within minutes.

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