Here in Athens, OH, most homes depend on a central AC system to stay cool in the summer. However, such systems don’t provide precise indoor temperature control due to their reliance on a single, centrally-located thermostat. The expert HVAC technicians here at David White Services can install a zoning system that can revolutionize how you cool your home. Here are the AC problems a zoning system can solve.

Eliminating Hot and Cold Spots

One common problem homeowners experience with their central AC system is that it may produce hot and cold spots throughout their homes. As you might expect, it is often the upper floors of the home that develops hot spots, while the first floor gets colder. This is the result of the home’s thermostat location, which is almost always on the first floor. A zoning system can solve this by splitting the home into upstairs and downstairs zones, each with its own thermostat. That way, the AC will continue running until both floors reach your desired temperature.

Offers Energy Savings

A zoned AC system also allows you to save money on operating costs by not cooling parts of your home you’re not using. For example, you may wish to cool your upstairs bedrooms at night but not during the day when nobody’s sleeping in them. With a zoned AC system, you gain far more precise control over when and where your AC system operates.

Reduced AC Wear and Tear

A zoned AC system also reduces wear and tear on your AC’s major components. This is because a zoned system reduces how hard the system must work by only cooling the spaces you’re using. In the long run, this saves you money on maintenance and repair costs and will prolong the life of your AC.

Consult the Zoned AC Experts

If you think an AC zoning system will make a good fit in your home, David White Services can help. Since 1977, we’ve served the residents of Athens with quality heating and air conditioning services ranging from repair and maintenance to new system installation. That includes installing zoning systems to improve your home’s comfort. We also work with fireplaces, generators, geothermal systems, and much more. So, if you’d like an AC zoning system installed in your Athens home, call David White Services right away!

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