Using a smart thermostat can be a great way to save money, especially for those who have a programmable thermostat but have never set it up. It watches when you and your family are home, away, and asleep. It uses this information to automatically set a schedule for your furnace and air conditioner. Here’s more info about smart thermostats and the ways they can save you money:

How a Smart Thermostat Works

A smart thermostat sets your temperature lower when heating your home and higher when cooling it. It saves you money by knowing when to do this so you don’t notice. The average homeowner can save 10% or more by turning their thermostat down from where it’s usually set. You can do this without a smart thermostat, but many people just don’t do so.

They Give You Suggestions

A smart thermostat learns your daily habits through observation. It can use this information to provide you with advice. It might notice that you get home a few hours later every Thursday, for example. It can suggest that you delay heating your home that night while sticking to your regular schedule for other weekdays. David White Services, Inc., of Athens and Lancaster installs smart thermostats for homeowners. We can also show you how to use it.

Smart Thermostats to Use if You Have a Heat Pump

Not all smart thermostats work with heat pumps. Heat pumps don’t warm or cool a home as fast as a furnace does. Due to this, they have a less-efficient auxiliary heater that is used when the weather is really hot or cold. An incompatible smart thermostat can end up costing you additional money for this reason. Heat-pump-compatible smart thermostats include the latest Ecobee and Nest models.

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