Wouldn’t it be great if your home knew when you were coming home and changed the temperature to suit you automatically?  There is a wifi thermostat that does it all! The new  Alexa-compatible iComfort from Lennox adjusts according to a predefined schedule, like most other wifi thermostats, but it also can adapt on it’s own to your flexible schedule.

No need to reprogram

Using the GPS on your smartphone, the iComfort E30’s Smart Away mode can detect when your family is away to automatically set the thermostat to an energy-saving mode. When it senses that you’re close to home, the thermostat resets to it’s comfort mode, which you set.  Most wifi thermostats run by a schedule, but what if your schedule is always changing like so many families today?  This wifi thermostat adapts as you leave and come home, without you having to change anything!

You control the temperature, humidity, and pollutants

You also can issue voice commands to the stat to change it’s settings. The iComfort’s ‘Feels Like’ feature takes into account indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity levels to make your home feel exactly like you want.  Another useful feature is the iComfort’s Allergen Defender. When high levels of pollutants or allergens are detected, the stat automatically activates the HVAC system’s fan to keep the home’s air cleaner.

“As today’s families find their daily routines becoming anything but routine, the versatility of the iComfort E30 delivers flexibility, comfort, savings, and peace of mind,” says Sweta Hari, energy efficiency expert at Lennox. “Families need products that will adapt with their busy lives, and Lennox is continuing to design versatile products that can help homeowners save money and stay comfortable without having to think about it.” Want to know more? Click here!

If you’d like to see how it all works in person we have one at our Athens Showroom, with the Alexa too!  Here I show you just a few of my favorite features.  Our kids LOVE it.  They talk to Alexa all day long, fortunately they don’t understand yet how to talk to her to change the temperature. Shhhh…

Alexa Wifi thermostat in Athens, Ohio

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