Environmental Health in Lancaster, OH
June 16

4 Ways Air Conditioners Cause Air Pollution

Air pollution has become a growing concern in recent years as the pollutants in the air have risen to dangerous levels. While there are many… View Article Read More

Should I Turn My AC Off When on Vacation?
August 28

Should I Turn My AC Off When on Vacation?

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What Should I do if my AC Won’t Turn Off?
August 10

What Should I do if my AC Won’t Turn Off?

Air conditioners might seem like mysterious objects. They magically take hot air and make it cold again. But, since they’re made from science and not… View Article Read More

How Long Do Air Conditioning Systems Normally Last?
July 19

How Long Do Air Conditioning Systems Normally Last?

Your home or business air conditioning system is one of the largest and most important components in your home. Your air conditioner works to lower… View Article Read More

Couple on their laptop enjoying air conditioning
March 5

Air Conditioning Problems: Are Your Ducts to Blame?

Whether it is the hottest day of the year or one of our Ohio days where it’s freezing in the morning and super hot by… View Article Read More

June 26

Need Air Conditioning? Summer’s Best Deal!

Air Conditioning on the purchase table for you this year? We are offering a great deal this summer:  0% APR for 48 months AND Lennox… View Article Read More

June 22

How Much Does a New Air Conditioner Cost?

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Lowest Price Air Conditioner
April 3

Top 3 Reasons Your Air Conditioner is Near a Breakdown

Will your air conditioner breakdown this summer?  Here are the Top 3 Reasons it just might. Your Air Conditioner is not prepared for the heat Air… View Article Read More

Save up to $1700 on a Lennox Air Conditioning System
March 9

The Best Time to Buy Air Conditioning is Right NOW

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