Air Conditioning on the purchase table for you this year? We are offering a great deal this summer:  0% APR for 48 months AND Lennox rebates up to $1600 on entire air conditioning systems plus take advantage of rebates from your utilities.  That’s a whole lot of savings!

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Here’s a link to the quietest and most efficient air conditioner in the world. David White Services has been selling Lennox for almost 40 years and are the most experienced heating and cooling company in southeastern Ohio.  Starting with the world’s first riveted steel furnace in 1895, Lennox heating and cooling has been the leader in innovation in both furnace production and air conditioning.  They focus on what is important to homeowners, like reliable temperatures in your home, not being noisy, not being expensive to run, not needing a lot of repairs.  They then build heaters and air conditioning equipment that directly address those needs and wants.

David White Services also focuses on homeowners and what they want in a service company.  We stand behind our products and our work and are thrilled to be able to offer the best financing, the best rebate package, and the best deal in all of Ohio this year.  Even more important, however, than air conditioning that works, is knowing that your home and family are our priority.  We have a 24 hour a day, 365 days a year service department.  On the hottest weekend, or the coldest holiday, you can call us and know that a live person will answer the phone and contact a trained and available technician to come and fix your air conditioning or heater.

Don’t stress about the weather, let us keep the weather inside your home a comfortable 70 degrees year round.  We service Athens, Logan, Lancaster, Gallipolis and all of Athens, Hocking, Perry, Meigs, and Gallia counties.  Wondering if we’re in your area?  Look here!

Ready to see how much we can save you and how low we can get your monthly payments?  Call today, it’s free to have an estimate and ask questions! 1-800-247-6180

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