Having rooms at different temperatures despite being in the same zone at the same thermostat setting is actually a common issue. There are a lot of different reasons why it can occur. It can be a self-inflicted problem, or it can be caused by equipment that is faltering or improper. Fortunately, a skilled heating or cooling repair technician can usually diagnose and correct the issue, no matter the cause.

Closing Return Vents

David White Services has been providing heating and cooling services throughout the Greater Athens area for more than four decades. We’ve often encountered clients who’ve closed vents in unused rooms and inadvertently created a problem. Unless a system is set up to adjust pressure as needed, closing a vent will upset the balance and can actually create hot and cold spots elsewhere in the home.

Ductwork Leaking Air

If you haven’t had your ducts inspected in a while, then it may be time to have them cleaned and examined. Over time, seals can break down. When those joints open, air leaks out of them, and that has the effect of creating hot and cold spots in areas that are not served adequately. There can be other problems with insulation and ventilation, including inadequate attic insulation, too much natural ventilation and windows that are not energy efficient.

Improperly Sized Units

Both AC and heating units, as well as heat pumps, need to be sized based on the requirements of a home. Unfortunately, if the unit currently in the home is undersized, then there is not much you can do to correct hot and cold spots outside of upgrading your system to the right size.

Enjoy Even Heating and Air Conditioning

David White Services offers several different heating and cooling services. Our team can perform new installations and replacements. We also handle maintenance and repairs. Our company can clean your ducts to ensure ideal indoor air quality, and we’ll be there for you in an emergency, too. Call us today to discuss the services you need. We have offices in Athens and Lancaster.

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