While having an air conditioner is great to keep your home cool, they’re not an option for everyone. Thankfully, there are ways to still keep the temperature down. You can follow these tips to take some load off your air conditioner if you have one, too.

Keep Drapes and Blinds Closed
Close your drapes and blinds in the morning and only open them in the evening. Following this tip can keep lower your indoor temperature by up to 20 degrees. When you leave drapes and blinds open, it lets in a lot of solar heat.

Use Your Ceiling Fans
Use your ceiling fans to keep the room they’re in cooler. Be sure the blades are spinning counter-clockwise as this pushes air down. You’ll get a wind-chill breeze effect that makes the room feel cooler.

Box Fans and Ice
You can make a mini air conditioner using a box fan and ice. Fill a large bowl with ice and place it in front of a box fan. The fan will whip cold air off the ice that cools the air in front of it.

Insulate Windows
You can buy insulated window film at a home improvement store. This material blocks up to 98% of heat entering your home. They’ll also provide you with privacy while still letting you look outside.

Plant Vines
If you plant vines by a wall of your home, it will quickly spread up them. This blocks sunlight from heating the wall, and therefore your home. Plant the ivy on south-facing walls.

Switch to LEDs
Incandescent bulbs do a better job of heating your home than producing light. Replace them with LEDs. Not only will your home be cooler, but you’ll save money on your energy bills.

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