You expect equal cooling and heating throughout the house if you invest your cash in installing and maintaining your HVAC system. It’s not enjoyable to have cold areas and inconsistent heat in your house. Hot and cold areas are unfortunately extremely prevalent. Our experienced service techs at David White Services, Inc. have compiled the following tips to help you if you have hot and cold spots.

Keep Your Fun Running

Your thermostat’s fan is most likely set to auto. This implies it will only activate when the home is actively cooling or heating. If you keep it in the ON configuration, the fan will continue to run and pump air even after the system is turned off. This may assist in balancing the temperatures throughout the house.

Check Your Air Vents

If your vents and registers can’t deliver air where it has to go, they might lead to uneven cooling. This might occur if your furniture is covering them or if dust and dirt accumulate on them. You may vacuum vents remove dirt, or you can restructure a space to improve airflow.

Check the Ducting for Leaks

When there is an air leak in the ductwork, the air intended for a certain destination seeps out before arriving. These duct leaks, tears, and holes will force your central air conditioning unit to operate harder to make up for the lost air. This, in turn, can cause even more issues. If you believe that the leaks lead to inconsistent heating and cooling throughout your house, have a professional evaluate your ducts.

Use Zoned Temperature Control System

While zoning systems are more expensive, they might be among the most efficient solutions to inconsistent heating. These systems let you manage the temperature of particular rooms or floors.

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