An oversized air conditioner is an all too common issue for many people. Bigger is not always better, and using an oversized unit can quickly cost you money while also making it much more difficult to keep your home at a consistent, comfortable temperature.

Here are a few of the most common issues with using an oversized air conditioner.

Your AC Frequently Turn Off and On

One of the most prevalent problems with an oversized AC is that it continually turns off and on. An oversized AC will quickly cool your home and shut off. Unfortunately, this rapid cycling puts additional strain on your unit and significantly reduces its lifespan. Finding an AC unit that fits the size of your home is well worth the effort and can save you money in the long run.

Higher Energy Bills

If you feel like you have higher energy bills than you should, it might be due to an oversized AC unit. Rapid cycling will cause your AC to use additional power, which results in a much higher energy bill than is necessary. These additional costs can really add up over time and can cost you a significant sum of money. Finding the right-sized air conditioner is essential in keeping your energy use to a minimum.

Humidity Problems

Your AC unit may be oversized if you are constantly dealing with humidity issues inside your home. An AC system is designed to remove humidity by using an evaporator. However, this system isn’t able to work efficiently if the AC unit isn’t operating at normal length cycles. Finding an appropriately sized AC for your home is essential in keeping humidity levels down.

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