How has vulcanized rubber effected your life?  From HVAC to tires to boots, Charles Goodyear has added comfort to your life.

DaveTheBobblehead and Vulcanized Rubber

The Adventures of DaveTheBobblehead continue this week at Rocky Boots in Nelsonville, Ohio.  Rocky Boots, or Rocky Brands as they now are named, was founded in 1932!  Still owned by the Brooks family and still in Nelsonville, Rocky has been a stable leader in our area for over 80 years.

This week we celebrate Charles Goodyear.  In the 1800’s he discovered the process that allows rubber to withstand cold and heat. Prior to this, rubber would melt in the heat and become brittle in the cold, making it useful only at certain temperatures.  Charles Goodyear made it his entire life’s work to stabilize rubber.  How does vulcanized rubber make your life better?

Rubber tires keep us all safe as we drive on these icy roads.  Can you imagine if rubber got brittle in the cold?  Or melted in the heat?  Those of us in Athens, Logan, or Lancaster Ohio would be in big trouble!  The soles of work boots, tennis shoes, and all kinds of other footwear, give us grip and help us avoid falls.  And these are just a few of the ways this life changing material is used.

Charles Goodyear is also tied to Ohio in Akron where the company named after him is based.  Did you know, however, that it actually is in no way affiliated with him. He himself dies penniless and was considered a madman for losing his entire fortune chasing after a dream.  It was only after his death that he was hailed as the genius he truly was.  It was almost 40 years later that Frank Seiberling started a tire company in Ohio and decided to give him the honor he was truly due.

Today there is a cultivated rubber tree for every two humans on earth and nearly 300,000 Americans earn their livelihood in rubber manufacturing.

HVAC Comfort Due to Vulcanized Rubber

Rubber is such a common item today that many of us take it for granted.  In my industry, Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning, anti-vibration mounts are made of rubber.  Without this product your air conditioner and furnace would be very loud and would need replaced sooner due to rust and friction.  

Rubber is also used to seal things in HVAC.  We use gas and refrigeration to heat and cool your homes and offices.  Seals make sure these possibly volatile products stay where they are supposed to stay.  

For the protection of our technicians, rubber handled tools are often used.  Not only are these more comfortable to use than wooden handled items, they often are safer too!

Gaskets, tubing, seals, tubing, hoses, ductwork items, bowling balls, tennis balls, hockey pucks, erasers, toys, and even surgical instruments!  Truly Mr. Goodyear changed our lives for the better.  So the next time you see the Goodyear Blimp floating about a sporting event, thank Charles Goodyear for car and boots for making your life safer and more filled with comfort.

Is your furnace loud?  Do you have to turn up the tv whenever it kicks on?  If so, it may not be on rubber anti-vibration pads or have enough rubber couplers inside.  Not all heating and cooling systems are made to be quiet. If you live in our area: Athens, Gallipolis, Lancaster, Logan, and are interested in having the quietest, most efficient HVAC system in the world, give us a call.  We’d love to help!

And if you are interested in an amazing pair of work boots or shoes (or hunting gear) check out Rocky Boots in Nelsonville, Ohio.  Follow #DaveTheBobblehead on Instagram to see what amazing American Invention he will discover next.

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