Furnaces come in a range of sizes and efficiencies. Choosing the best option for your home can be difficult when sticking to a budget. David White Services can provide you with experienced, professional recommendations when deciding which furnace is the best to heat your property. We’re dedicated to excellent customer service and making the repair, maintenance and installment process as easy as possible.

What Affects Furnace Efficiency?

The best furnace size is often determined by the square footage of your home. You can use a rough estimate of about 25 to 40 BTUs per square foot for a moderately warm climate. This number can be adjusted based on your preference and the features of the home. Once a BTU is decided, it’s multiplied by the square footage of the house, which determines how much heat a furnace will need to create to warm the property efficiently.

We will also consider the features of your home and the modern efficiency of the furnace. When deciding on the best model, We will check the size of the attic and its insulation, the number of windows in the home, the quality of ductwork, the overall floor plan and more to determine the best choice. While it can be helpful to have a rough estimate or expectation of the heat needed for the home, we will have the tools, software and experience to determine the perfect furnace.

Trust David White Services

While gas furnaces make up the majority of models used in American homes today, there are other choices available based on individual needs and preferences. David White Services can provide homeowners in Athens and Lancaster, Ohio, with new furnaces, fireplaces, generators and more with professionalism and quality communication and customer service.

You can also find reliable help maintaining your ducts, air conditioning unit and air quality. You may not have the informed expertise to fully repair and maintain the HVAC systems in the home. Call our qualified technicians at David White Services to find the right professional for the job.

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