Most homes have ducted air conditioners: that is, AC units that blow cold air to all the rooms through a system of vents attached to one single unit. However, other houses can make do with a few ductless ACs. What are ductless AC units, and how do they work? That’s what we’ll answer below.

Mini-Split Systems

Ductless ACs, also known as mini-splits, are heat pumps, so how they work is similar to the ducted kind. You have the same three essential components: an air handler indoors to absorb heat energy, a compressor outside to release it, and a refrigerant line between them to keep the process going.

A mini-split, though, doesn’t cool the entire home but rather a single room. The compressor can connect to eight mini-splits at the most, though, so that means you could conceivably install mini-splits for a whole house. Others will install mini-splits in historic houses, which can’t support ductwork, or in tool sheds and other outbuildings that the ductwork can’t reach.

The Benefits of Mini-Splits

At David White Services, we’ve installed numerous air conditioners in Athens, OH, and we know just how easy installing mini-splits can be. You won’t have much trouble finding a place on the wall for your mini-split because these products are sleek, stylish, and compact. This is one benefit.

Another benefit is in the energy savings you’ll achieve. It’s incredible how much cool air can be lost through ductwork, especially when it’s leaking or not connected properly, but a mini-split bypasses all of this. Next, there’s the fact that each mini-split comes with its own thermostat. Each room gets to have its own temperature zone according to the occupant’s liking.

Directional airflow is yet another great feature on mini-splits. These can direct the air straight to you rather than to the walls, through which the air might otherwise escape.

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We could go on longer about how these systems operate, but we encourage anyone who’s interested to schedule an appointment with David White Services. Besides mini-split installations and repairs, we handle duct cleaning and generator installations. Call us today!

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