A clog in your AC’s drain line can lead to all sorts of problems. If you notice that your AC isn’t working properly and the condensate drip pan is dry, you might have a problem. If you aren’t sure why your unit isn’t working at its best, give us a call at David White Services, Inc. In the meantime, here are some steps that you can take to try to unclog the drainpipe on your own.

How to Unclog Your AC’s Drain Line

  1. Grab a bucket or pan, a pipe cleaner, and diluted vinegar.
  2. Turn off the AC and shut off the breaker. Doing this will keep you safe as you work.
  3. Find the drain line. It is a small PVC pipe that is attached to the condenser. The line goes through the wall and sits next to the interior unit.
  4. Find the drip pan. This pan is located on top of the drain line.
  5. Clean the drip pan. You’ll need to remove it and soak it in warm water for half an hour. Then scrub it with your pipe brush and diluted vinegar. Concentrate on areas that soaking alone did not clean.
  6. Take the cap off the drain line. You might need a tool for this step.
  7. Pull out any hair or debris you see. During this inspection, you may also want to pour water down the pipe to see how well it drains.
  8. Loosen the remaining debris in the line using your pipe cleaner.
  9. Pour a three-quarters cup of diluted vinegar solution or pure vinegar into the pipe to break down any remaining clog. Do not use a harsh chemical agent. Let the solution sit there for at least 30 minutes.
  10. Pour hot water into the pipe to flush out the pipe. Observe whether the water flows freely.
  11. Reattach the drip pan and ensure everything is correctly connected.
  12. Turn on the breaker and your air conditioner.
  13. See if your air conditioner’s performance improves. If not, call in an HVAC specialist.

Ask the Pros

Sometimes, home maintenance chores get overlooked. If you’re experiencing problems with your AC unit, contact David White Services, Inc. We are a heating and air conditioning company that also provides Ohio customers in Lancaster, Athens, and the surrounding areas with air quality solutions, ductwork, and cleaning, and generator service. Call us today for more information!

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