Damaged ductwork can deposit your heated and cooled air behind the drywall in your Athens, OH home. As a result, even when your HVAC system is working hard, your indoor temperature will remain largely unchanged. Damaged ducting places undue stress on heating and cooling equipment. It also causes home energy bills to rise and lowers indoor air quality (IAQ). One large part of resolving these issues is knowing when to repair ductwork and when to replace it.

HVAC Ductwork Should Be Replaced Every 10 to 15 Years

Like your heating and cooling equipment, your home’s ducting has a finite lifespan. In general, HVAC air ducts should be replaced once every 10 to 15 years. If the ductwork is behind drywall, it should at least be inspected and sealed. Not only does this ensure consistent air duct performance, but it also allows homeowners to streamline their ductwork to support modern furnaces and air conditioners better. If you have damaged ductwork in your home that has already provided 15 years of service, paying for repairs now could mean also paying for additional repairs in the near future.

Dented, Punctured, or Crushed Ductwork Should Be Replaced

Exposed ducting that’s been punctured, crushed, or severely dented will probably need replacing. Minor patch jobs won’t restore the structural integrity of these features.

Inspect HVAC Air Ducts When You Have Mold

You might want to replace or sanitize your HVAC air ducts if you’ve been battling a widespread and recurring mold issue in your home. HVAC ducting can harbor mold spores indefinitely after flood events, plumbing backups, and more.

Signs You Need HVAC Air Duct Repairs

Minor structural damages are often indicative of the need for repairs. Rips, tears, and other small changes in the integrity of your ductwork may be fixable without having to take entire sections out and replace them. The only way to know for certain is by scheduling a ductwork inspection.

If your home energy bills are on the rise and your ductwork is noisy, emitting strange odors, or causing hot and cold spots throughout your home, we can help. We proudly serve residents of Athens, OH, and we’ve been doing so since 1977. We offer heating, cooling, and indoor air quality installation, maintenance, and repairs. We also provide generators, air duct cleaning, and geothermal solutions. To schedule an appointment, call us at David White Services today!

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