The thermostatic expansion valve (TXV) is a device that determines the amount of refrigerant that gets into the evaporator. It finds a balance between the refrigerant’s temperature and the superheat at the evaporator’s outlet. The TXV measures the temperature at the outlet and responds to it by reducing or increasing the refrigerant amount entering the evaporator to maintain constant heat. This regulated flow helps maximize the efficiency of the evaporator while stopping excess refrigerant from going back to the compressor.

The TXV is designed to separate the low-pressure and high-pressure components of an AC unit. The refrigerant enters the valve under high pressure through the AC system’s liquid line, but this pressure gets reduced when the TXV limits the amount of refrigerant getting into the evaporator.

The Function of the TXV

The TXV has only one function: to control how the refrigerant enters into the evaporator. The TXV doesn’t control air temperature, suction pressure, head pressure, capacity, or humidity. Any attempt to make the TXV regulate any of these elements will prevent the system from performing efficiently and result in potential compressor failure.

Benefits of TXV

High Power Efficiency

The TXV enables your air conditioning system to operate at peak efficiency to deal with the heat load.

Reduced Risk of Compressor Failure

The TXV ensures complete vaporization of the refrigerant in the evaporator. In turn, this prevents the refrigerant from reaching the compressor, which can be detrimental to its functionality, hence allowing your investment to last longer.

Improved Temperature Control

The TXV helps your air conditioning unit respond to outdoor temperature changes to maintain constant indoor comfort at all times.

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