Summers in Ohio are hot and humid. You’ll find yourself relying on your home’s air conditioning for relief, but you might take central air conditioning for granted because nearly all homes have it. However, widespread air conditioning has only been common for about 50 years. There is one main player to thank for modern-day air conditioning, but there are also a few other honorable mentions to consider when thinking about this life-saving invention.

Willis Carrier

Willis Carrier was an American engineer. He worked at a firm that served a variety of clients. One of those clients was a printing company. The company kept having problems with humidity. The excess moisture caused the paper to get stuck in the printing presses. The ink would smudge and smear, rendering the finished product useless and costing time and supplies. Carrier was tasked with solving the client’s problem. He invented a machine that removed humidity from the printing press room. At the same time, the machine also lowered the room’s temperature. Carrier sought and received a patent for his invention in 1902. By 1915, he and several other engineers split from their employer and founded the Carrier Corporation. Carrier is widely regarded as the inventor of the first electrical air conditioning system, and his invention is very close to today’s modern central air conditioning systems.

Jones and Sherman

There are a few other important American inventors to keep in mind when discussing modern air conditioning. Frederick Jones received a patent for his invention for vehicle air conditioning. His portable air conditioning unit was used in trucks for transporting food, medication and supplies in World War II. Robert Sherman invented the first window air conditioner.

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