Furnaces, air conditioners, and heat pumps are an every day part of our lives, but it wasn’t always that way. 125 years ago most homes were kept warm in the winter with wood or coal fires in each room with any furnaces made of cast iron which was susceptible to cracking. They were kept cool in the summer with open windows and shade, and many times they simply weren’t kept cool at all.

Furnace Innovation in the Midwest

Dave Lennox was born in Detroit, Michigan in 1856 and later moved to Marshalltown, Iowa where he acquired patents for a riveted steel furnace. It was this concept of invention and improvement on home comfort that has driven Lennox HVAC throughout history. In 2005, Lennox introduced the first 20+ SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating) air conditioner, “the quietest, most efficient two-stage air conditioner you can buy.”

Lennox has continued innovating and improving on home comfort through two World Wars, the Great Depression, a tornado taking out their Iowa factory, and two pandemics. Their core values of respect, excellence, and integrity make them a company we are proud to partner with. Lennox is a direct to contractor manufacturer which is yet another reason we choose to buy their quality furnaces and air conditioners. There is no middle man distributor, so when there is a problem in your home with their equipment, we can call Lennox directly. Lennox representatives aren’t simply dealing with other businesses and therefore disconnected from home owners, they know you and care just like we do.

If you are looking for an American made product that has stood the test of time, Lennox heating and cooling products are the way to go. Their story, like ours, is a story of a midwestern family searching for home comfort solutions for families just like theirs. Together, we want your home to be a warm place for your family to gather without thinking about the furnace, just knowing it will work.

Your New Furnace

If you are looking for a new high efficiency furnace to get through these cold winter days, our team at David White Services has an amazing financing program available in Athens, Ohio as well as Logan and Lancaster. We care about your HVAC installation as if it were our own, and we offer heating and cooling repair and maintenance. Visit either of our offices, in Athens, Ohio or Lancaster, Ohio or call us at (740)594-8381.

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